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At two unique sessions on April 9, George Mason High School students, staff, parents, and community members gathered to share ideas for innovative programs. They discussed creating a new GMHS diploma program that would  including student service learning and civic engagement. The meetings were spawned from discussions held last summer at a larger "Visioning" forum. Stay tuned for the next step.

Darmstadter boysandgirlssoccer photo2

Both the girls and boys varsity soccer teams have started their seasons off undefeated and full of confidence.  Each team has played only three games; two games against Strasburg and Clarke County were postponed due to snow on the field, against Warren County, Madison County, and William Monroe.

Towing Lowery editedAre you parking in a school parking lot without a pass? If so, you should probably pay for one, unless you want to have your car towed.

book trailers

To cultivate active engagement in outside reading, Ms. Bridget Dean-Pratt’s Honors English 10 classes composed movie "trailers" using American Literature texts beyond those studied in-class.

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