Mary Ellen Henderson

The Joint George Mason/Mary Ellen Henderson Campus Steering Committee continued work today, discussing various ideas architects and developers have about re-configuring the 34 acres for a new high school and commercial development.

Nearly 50 new faculty members have arrived at Falls Church City Public Schools for a week's long orientation session.  This is the largest class of new instructional staff FCCPS has ever seen to lead the our growing student population.


The 2014-2015 FCCPS Principals met together for a week of professional development sessions in preparation for the new school year.

Bright Plan B Field Day a Big Success

Field Day Photo Gallery 1 (photos by Kevin Blair)  |  Field Day Photo Gallery 2

The 2014 MEHMS Field Day started off the morning going to "Plan B" due to poor field conditions following a downpour of rain the night before.  But it didn't dampen the mood for the Huskies, sporting their brand new (and bright!) Field Day t-shirts, designed by 7th Grader James Obusan (pictured right).

Students participated in games indoors such as Indiana Jones, Richochet, Basketball, Volleyball, Gator Ball, and Nookem.  They were treated to popcorn at the concession stands, Sno-Cones, and Robeks Smoothies!  And last but not least, the Huskies all took a turn trying to dunk their teachers in the Dunk Tank!  Mrs. Carson's 6th grade homebase class dunked Science teacher Ms. Smolarek 12 times - more than any other class during the day!

A special thank you goes out to all of the 2014 MEHMS Field Day sponsors: MEH PTA, GM Athletics Boosters, Tori McKinney ROCK STAR Realty, DKG Design, Robeks, Mid Atlantic Adventures, 

Bright Plan B Field Day a Big Success

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