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The TJ SCA is very busy this fall working together with their classes to aid others beyond our walls, both locally and around the world. The class resprentatives and all students get a chance to put action to their TJ PYP Learner Profile values.


TJ's Counselors, Carol Seaver and Allison Stokes, have published a quarterly newsletter and prepared an overview of the counseling services at TJ.

You may find the counseling information under the "Parent Information" menu.

This quarter's newsletter is also available here.



Operation EarthWatch is an environmental action program for City of Falls Church elementary school students at Mt. Daniel, Thomas Jefferson, and St. James. The program is sponsored by the Education Task Group of the Environmental Services Council of the City of Falls Church and was established in 1993.

Participation runs from October through March. During these months, a child performs activities at home that demonstrate Earth stewardship in the following categories: recycling/reuse, waste reduction, energy conservation, nature care, and water conservation.Students are welcome to participate at any time during the school year; however, if a student takes part for all six months, s/he will receive an Operation EarthWatch T-shirt and have the option of marching with our group in the Memorial Day parade.

Beginning this year, the monthly worksheets will be available online, at the Operation Earthwatch website.  The website is also be available from the TJ Tiger Links menu to the right.

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One More Page Books is excited to host the winners of TJ's school writing competition Kids Love to Write! Submissions were fantastic and so creative! All are welcome to hear the children read their work at One More Page Books at 4 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 1. 

Congratulations to the winners:

2nd Grade: Charlie Taylor, Mina Jun
3rd Grade: Marianne Moody , Remi Osztreicher
4th Grade: Emma Hart, Saya Nylim
5th grade: Rachel Margarella, Truman Lapp


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