Falls Church City Public Schools
Gifted and Talented Program

Philosophy for Education of the Gifted

We believe that the education for the gifted must foster achievement, enhance aptitude, and nurture creativity in order to help each child realize his or her potential as a learner. Instruction must be designed and paced to challenge each learner at the appropriate level and to stimulate complex thinking and problem solving.


The Academically Advanced Program (TAAP), FCCPS’s program for gifted (GT) learners, is achievement based and inclusive. The goal of identification is to find those students whose academic achievement indicates that they can benefit from an instructional program differentiated for gifted students. The division will provide additional opportunities for identification, as appropriate, for students from groups that are historically under-represented and for students who may have strengths not measured by standard metrics.
To refer a child for TAAP consideration, please fill out a Gifted and Talented Referral form and turn it in to the appropriate school office. The form is available at the following link: Referral Form.


Gifted services for students serve the goal of helping each student reach the proficiency level of which he or she is capable in the identified core area of instruction. The goal is for each student to become an independent investigator and to develop and/or sharpen critical thinking, reasoning, and higher-level thinking skills (analysis, synthesis, and evaluation).

For More Information

Please click here to see the 2005 – 2010 Local Plan for the Education of the Gifted.

Please contact Assistant Superintendent of Instruction, Dr. Gloria Guba at 703-248-5603 or email.