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2012 Teacher of the Year Nominees Announced Print E-mail
Written by FCCPS Communications   
Wednesday, 29 February 2012 00:00

Seven veteran FCCPS educators have been nominated to receive this year’s Agnes Meyer Outstanding Teacher Award. The annual award is bestowed upon one teacher from each D.C. metropolitan school district.

The winning teacher will be announced by the Washington Post this spring, and he or she will receive a cash award from the Post. The winner and nominees will be recognized by the school board at a reception in the spring.

This year’s nominees from the Falls Church City Public Schools are:

2012 Agnes Meyer Outstanding Teacher Nominees


Kirsten AlbertKirsten Albert
Spanish Teacher
George Mason High School

“Mrs. Albert literally brings her student into the Latin American world, instead of just teaching them a language. We learn about folklore, immigration, poverty and social conflict, but also about Latin pop stars and cuisine.” - Lilly Constance, GMHS Class of 2014

“She incorporates music, literature, news and popular culture into her classes in ways that make the cultures and languages come alive.” - Jennifer Jayson, GMHS math teacher


Erik HealeyErik Healey
Mathematics Teacher
Geroge Mason High School

“Mr. Healey’s passion for mathematics and his interactive teaching style are key elements in his ability to motivate and inspire students in his classes.” - Lixing Zhang Osborn and Donald Zhang Osborn, parents

"Mr. Healey is strongly devoted to having each and every individual do well in his class. He is always eager to see those of us seeking help and is willing to find time amidst his tight schedule to provide help.” - Nabil Z. Osborn, student



Barbara PiscopoBarbara Piscopo
Theater Arts Teacher
Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School

“Barbara’s slogan should be ‘No Child Left Off Stage’ as she makes sure every student is given the opportunity to perform. Whether during her theater class or the yearly musical, every student is encouraged to try.” - Debra Baird, MEH Art Teacher

“Ms. Piscopo includes as many children as she can so that almost any child who wants to be in the musical or stage crew can do so. She works with each child to enhance their performance while still directing the group with patience, energy and enthusiasm.” - Ruth Ann Castillo and Justin Castillo, parents



Pamela RickerPamela Ricker
Theater Arts Teacher
George Mason High School

“Pam has a terrific vision for these productions yet she has the knack for drawing out the students’ ideas as well. The students get to work on all the parts of the production like costumes, sets, props, make-up, publicity, etc. They are encouraged to work as a team.” Judy Benton, parent

“Pam is a creative, ambitious and very talented teacher, continuously challenging students to perform at their highest level and achieve their personal best…The students come to realize that everyone plays a vital role in the success of the production.” Lisa Ensign, parent




Karin RitcheyKarin Ritchey
7th Grade Science and Language Arts Teacher
Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School

“Karin is a gifted educator who has an uncanny ability to connect with students who are ‘at-risk’ socially and academically in school. She provides a motherly ‘tough love’ attitude to these students. Rory Dippold, 7th grade teacher

“Her expectations for a high-level of performance become a self-fulfilling prophecy and students constantly push themselves to rise to her lofty levels; because she believes in them, they believe in themselves.” Brett Sparrgrove, 7th grade teacher




William SnyderWilliam Snyder
Math Teacher
George Mason High School

“He could make math enjoyable, not through masking boring material with fun activities, but by evoking genuine interest in the concepts we were learning.” Anuraag Sensharma, GMHS Class of 2011

“Snyder’s enthusiasm rubs off on all students, and by the end of the first semester, even the most reluctant math students will have found their niche in the subject.” GMHS Future Educators of America




Karin ToozeKarin Tooze
English Teacher
George Mason High School

“When I see Karin ‘in action’ in the classroom, I am always amazed at her ability to engage all of her students in learning activities.” Liz Rizzi, English teacher, GMHS

“There is no other teacher who displays as much effort and devotion to her students as Mrs. Tooze. It is very apparent that she takes on an enormous amount of work.” Matthew Abel, GMHS Class of 2012




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