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Beginning as a club with one unofficial meet and funding from parents, to a team of 55 swimmers with an undefeated season; 27 of whom who contributed to this year's boys and girls state championship title, the GM swim team has come a long way to success. While past coaches, parents, and directors are credited for this amazing progress, Coach Janice Nette is especially acknowledged and remembered as the founder of the team as she wraps up her final year with the swim team.

"My son, he's graduating [this year]; I figured this would be a good ending point... The team is very well established now, so I feel it is a good time to leave, " Nette said.

As Coach Nette exits, she is fondly described in many ways by her swimmers. Being a "mother" was the most common one. Like a mother, she teaches the basics and handles the difficult paperwork. For meets she does communication, registration work, sets up the computer for the year, and pulls in entries for home meets.

"She keeps everyone in shape; not in the swimming sense, [but] as in get there on time and be respectful; that sense," freshman, Will Langan said.


Recently, I attended a school play at a neighboring high school. While it wasn't bad, sitting in the audience I immediately and subconsciously found myself comparing it to the GMHS show I had seen just the week before.

The main thing that I walked away with after seeing the other school's show was an even bigger appreciation for the GMHS's theatre department than I had previously had, which is saying a lot. I might be biased, but I can confidently say that GMHS has the best shows that I have ever seen from a high school. The amount of talent that we have in this small school never fails to impress me.

This year's much anticipated spring play, Moliere's French comedy, "The Bourgeois Gentleman," was a perfect example of what Mason does best, their stellar theatrical productions.

The show followed a gullible man named Monsieur Jourdain (Justin Valentino, senior) and his struggle to fit in with the rich French community. His daughter, Lucille (Lydia Gompper), is in love with a man who is not a "gentleman," (Cleonte, played by Alec Reusch,) and Jourdain tries his hardest to keep them apart. A hoax is devised to trick him into allowing the two to marry.



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