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By Erin McFall

Juniors Michelle Kim, Francesca King, and Maddie Richter-Atkinson pose for a photo at a Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) fundraising event. The three, along with Mason juniors Ziggy Thetard and Abby Smith (not pictured), teamed up to reach their goal of raising $15,000 for LLS by local business fundraisers. For more information about future events and to learn about the campaign, visit their Kings for a Cure Facebook page here or follow them on Twitter @Kingsforacure here. (Photo courtesy of Francesca King)

George Mason junior Francesca King campaigns to end leukemia

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George Mason junior Francesca King was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 2. King had returned to the US to spend Christmas with family in Texas after living in Cote d'Ivoire for her dad's job when her family heard her diagnosis.

"My parents instilled in me in a young age that diabetes couldn't slow me down," King said of her childhood. "Since I've had it before I can remember, and classmates, teachers, and coaches that have been very accepting of it, diabetes hasn't and will never keep me from doing what I love and need to do."

Growing up, King learned to monitor blood sugar and use injections and later an insulin pump to regulate her body's insulin levels. On July 10, 2009, when King was 11, her younger brother Carson was diagnosed with ALL T-Cell Leukemia.


Starting in the 2014-2015 school year, when Mason students came to school during summer break for information sessions on laptops, they were given MacBook Airs for personalized learning. The school division's goals of supporting personalized learning are to enhance teaching and learning, prepare students for the modern world, and provide equity for all students.

Now, at GMHS, classrooms are structured differently from last year, since laptops take a huge part in classroom activities. To find out what Mustangs' opinions are on the new provision of devices, and how Mustangs are using their laptops in class, 50 students from each grade were asked to take an anonymous survey about their laptop usage at school.

The questions are as follows:
1. Were you satisfied to get a laptop from school?
2. Do you think using laptops in class is helpful?
3. Is having a laptop in class distracting for YOU?
4. Do you think laptops in general are distracting to a classroom?
5. While you are in class, have you ever done something with your laptop that is not related to what you are doing in class?
6. If YES: How often do you use your laptop to do something irrelevant to what you are doing/supposed to do in class?

There were some noticeable comments on the survey paper. Next to question #2, one student wrote, "In some classes it's really helpful but in others, teachers try too hard to incorporate laptops when they're not necessary and it's bad." Another student wrote, next to question #5, "But during a time with no activity going in class."



Semester 1 Exam Schedule

Monday, January 26

8:00-10:00 AM – BLOCK 1 Exam

10:30-12:30 PM – BLOCK 3 Exam

Tuesday, January 27

8:00-10:00 AM – BLOCK 2 Exam

10:30-12:30 PM – BLOCK 4 Exam

Wednesday, January 28

8:00-10:00 AM – BLOCK 5 Exam

10:30-12:30 PM – BLOCK 7 Exam

Thursday, January 29

8:00-10:00 AM – BLOCK 6 Exam

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