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Lasso Editors Megan Butler and Nhari Djan brought together siblings at George Mason for a “sibling rivalry” video. In the video, they ask a series of questions to a pair or set of siblings regarding their personalities, such as who tends to do what more, and who is more likely to do something than the other. Every few days they’ll issue out a new video with three more sets of siblings. Part one begins with freshman twins, Sophie and Clara Matton, sophomore Shaun and senior Kelly Rodock, and sophomore Joseph and senior Declan Snitzer.

A student studies in the library during a lunch period. GMHS school library is full of resources that students can use any time.

Irvine H. Schmitt Library, the library of GMHS, is always full of students, especially during Mustang Block. Students sit and do homework, charge their laptops, finish work, and more. However, not so many people know about the great resources available at the library.

"I go to the library often to do my homework and check out books. I know about the resources, but I don't use them often," said sophomore Harshini Ravi. "I don't know that many people who use the resources, but I think they would use it if it was publicized more."

There are numerous resources that students can use, either from the library or from the GHMS library website.


Commercial redevelopment is great for revitalizing our City, but it seems to be an eternal fad in the City of Falls Church. (Photo courtesy of Falls Church News-Press)

Although there is nothing terribly wrong with redevelopment, every year there seems to be one project after another being reported in the Falls Church News-Press only to never be seen again. This isn't to say that all projects fold, but there is substantially more "talk" than "walk," as many projects just lack real substance. Going from a semi-sleepy town to a bustling mini-metropolis like Ballston in Arlington isn't easy and often these visions just become dreams.

The City of Falls Church needs to realize the irony in letting development get the better of it. In a place where the schools are so fundamental to the City's value, this makes public education a second priority.

Falls Church needs to first live up to its reputation of having an outstanding school system. This can't be done by having school property used for anything but the schools. The City needs to reflect this attitude. George Mason's campus is, simply, no place for commercial redevelopment.

George Mason was built in 1952 with minor patchwork and a major renovation in 1994. However, it is clearly in need of a serious facility upgrade. Falls Church can't be known for its prestigious public school system while using a run-down building and calling it a high school. Arlington, Loudoun, Fairfax, and even Clarke County have managed to build far superior and more modern facilities for their high schools. It's now Falls Church's turn.



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Online registration is open for GMHS Summer Academy program. Classes will meet four days a week from June 29 - Aug. 7. Please be advised that in the past, we have scheduled a five hour school day for summer school. We hope that 3 1⁄2 hours in class and 1 1⁄2 hours at home allows students greater flexibility to plan other summer activities while still completing the requirements of the class. Summer Hy-C courses are offered in: English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Personal Finance and Economics.

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