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Photo Credit: Angelika Johns

By Daniel Donovan

The George Mason field hockey team capped off a remarkable regular season with a 3-1 victory over Patriot High School last week on the Mustang's Senior Night. The team finished with a record of 11 wins and 3 loses in only it's second season as a varsity sport.

The Lady Mustangs opened up the scoring, senior Anna Hennessey slotted home a shot to put the Mustangs up 1-0. The Patriot offense responded and scored a goal of their own later in the first half to tie the game at 1-1.

The Mustang defense, led by senior Emma Graig and junior Caroline Stricker did well to keep Patriot at only 1 goal. Deflecting attack after attack throughout the entire 1st half. Junior goaltender Caroline Duffett also saved a penalty shot to keep the score tied at 1.

Behind the biggest home crowd of the season, the Mustangs dominated the beginning second half and quickly took a 2-1 lead when sophomore Sarah Lubnow powered one by the Patriot goaltender.


The joint Mary Ellen Henderson (MEH) and George Mason (GM) Campus Steering Committee vigorously work to discuss the future of GM and possible construction of a commercial development. Students are encouraged to partake in discussions such as this as Student Representatives on the School Board Committees. (Photo Credit: John Brett)

Zach Witzel acts as the Student Liaison to the Falls Church City Public School (FCCPS) system's School Board. In his role, he discusses various issues presently affecting the school community as well as worked in conjunction with adult members to discuss the future of the school system. Recent involvement has ranged from visioning for the GMHS of the future to creating a new Triennial Plan.


Seniors cheer on their "Volleyboys" team during the annual spirit week at GM. Despite intense grade rivalries every year, students continue to remember that as a school we are one, and we have high respect for one another. (Photo Courtesy of Angelika Johns)

I have been at GM for three full years going on four (eighth grade year included) and I have to praise the student safety at GM. What I mean by that, is I don't walk into school worried that someone is going to shove me in a locker, I don't worry that a fight might break out during mustang block or lunch time. As a female student at five feet even and petite, never have I felt unsafe or threatened by other students.

I realized the safe experience that I have had at GM, as my youngest sister entered her freshman year this past September. The months leading up to her first days of high school were full of nerves for her and her friends. I remember they would share the stereotypical fears of being a freshman in high school. Such as, if they would get beat up by walking through the senior hallway, or if fights breakout during the school day. In answering those fears as an upperclassmen it was nice to be able to say, "yes you can walk through the senior hall, no one will shove you into a locker," and "fights are not common to break out at any point of the day."


George Mason students prepare for the annual fall musical, The Phantom of the Opera. (Photo Credit: Noah Hayne)
By The Lasso Reporter Gabriel Brown

"Remember there are worse things than a shattered chandelier..." the Phantom explains.

George Mason's 2014 annual Fall musical is Andrew Lloyd Webber's, "The Phantom of the Opera." The show is in the GM auditorium at 7:30 on Thursday, November 20th through Saturday November 22nd. Tickets will be sold at the door.

In this chillingly beautiful production, a hauntingly vengeful man in a mask terrorizes an opera house and it's inhabitants, including his attempts in finding affection with one of the chorus girls, Christine Daae. The show is frightful, romantic and has been on Broadway for over 25 years, holding the current record for the longest show on Broadway.

Mr. Shawn Northrip is directing and Mrs. Lauren Carpell is the musical director. They chose this production for our school because they found the proper talent acquired for this difficult show.

"We decided to embrace the challenge" Mr. Northrip said.




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