Section 8 - Thomas Jefferson - Electrical Systems

Electrical Systems

Electrical Service

New switchgear will be installed with the addition/renovation in 2012-2013.

The existing power company is Dominion Virginia Power. The electric service is provide through a power company step down pad mounted transformer. This service enters the building at a dedicated electrical room. This electrical service was last upgraded in 1979. The power company electric meter is installed inside on the wall of the main electrical room. The existing power company pad mounted transformer is feeding 277/480 volt, 1600 amp. Currently, the existing switchboard is Federal Pacific Electric Co. (FPE). FPE has been out of business for over 25 years and parts will be difficult to find for any future renovations. There are two sections to this switchgear which include a 1600A main service disconnect and a combination distribution section with a separate distribution section. This switchboard has no space left for expansion. The service size of 1600A, 480/277 volt is too small for a school needing to meet current electrical demands. New switchgear will be installed with the addition/renovation in 2012-2013.

The existing switchboard does not contain any ground fault protection as per current code requirements. The existing switchboard does not contain any transient voltage surge suppression. There is a separate electrical service for remote trailers.

Power Distribution System

The existing switchboard serves the entire building through a number of branch circuit panelboards. Approximately half of the panels are FPE. These panels will be difficult to find parts for any future renovations. The other half of the panels are a combination of GE and Square‐D. These panels were added for later renovations and do have a few spare breakers that could be utilized for small future changes.

Electric closets are scattered throughout the school. All of the existing electrical rooms are filled to capacity. No additional equipment can be added and still meet the working clearance requirements.

Emergency Power Distribution System

A new generator will be installed with the 2012-2013 addition/renovation required per code.

Currently, the building has an ONAN generator. The generator is rated at 60kW, 480/277 volt, 3‐Phase and has a 90A in‐line circuit breaker. The generator has a remote double fuel tank located adjacent to the generator location and sits on a concrete pad. The generator operates on diesel gas. The existing generator was installed during 1979 renovation. The existing generator is located outside of the electrical room. The emergency system is operational but reaching the end of its useful life.

The emergency generator feeds an ONAN automatic transfer switch "ATS" which further feeds to panel EE which contains a 100A main circuit breaker. This equipment is located in the main electric room. The existing automatic transfer switch and emergency panel were also installed in 1979. The panel is FPE and the transfer switch is approaching the end of its useful life. The emergency system serves emergency lights, exit lights, fire alarm system, CATV system, sound system and telephone/communication. In addition, the generator feeds the elevator sump.

Lighting System

New lights will be installed throughout the existing building as part of the 2012-2013 addition/renovation. Lights in the gymnasium were replaced during the summer of 2012.

Most of the lighting fixtures were replaced in 1979 with some upgrades over the years. Existing lighting fixtures in classroom, classrooms, offices and corridors are 2’ X 4’ recessed fluorescent. The fluorescent lights utilize T12 technology which is old and not energy efficient. The existing lighting fixtures in the bathrooms are incandescent. The lighting level in classrooms and corridors, is poor. The light fixtures in the cafeteria are surface mounted. Storage room lights are surface mounted and several are damaged.

Switching control is through single toggle switches throughout the building with a few motion sensor switches. This does not meet the current energy efficiency code requirements. There are some exit discharge locations that do not have sufficient emergency egress lighting. The building lacks proper security lighting around the perimeter of the building. Some of the exterior lights have clearly been replaced as the existing fixtures that have not been replaced are old, discolored and some are damaged. Some exterior flood lights were added on the roof to shine down on walkways for security lighting.

Power Outlets

The power outlets located in the classrooms and offices were provided in 1979. Current power requirements require more receptacles and circuits. Because of increased requirements surface mounted conduit and receptacles have been added in offices and classrooms.

Fire Alarm System

Fire alarm system will be upgraded with the new addition in 2012-2013.

The existing fire alarm system is a Simplex 4010 system. The control panel and devices were installed in 2001. The existing fire alarm control panel is located in the main office. The building is not fully sprinklered. There are a few limited area sprinkler systems with flow switches that tie back to the fire alarm system. There are pull stations at all of the exits. The entire school has audio/visual notification devices throughout. Notification is delivered through horns and strobes. The annunciator at the main entrance is a LCD type annunciator.

Sound System

The sound system will be upgraded with the new addition/renovation in 2012-2013.

The existing sound system console is manufactured by Rauland and is located in the main office. Booster panels are installed throughout the facility. The existing sound system main equipment was installed in 1979. The classrooms and offices have combination of surface and recessed mounted speakers and call back switches. Corridors have recessed speakers. The system is operable but near the end of its useful life.

Telephone/ CATV and Intercommunications Systems

The existing main telephone and CATV HUB is located in the main electrical room. The existing telecommunication main HUB is located in the existing communications room. All the existing telephone/data outlets are surface mounted. Most of the classrooms have one telephone and one data outlet, but some classrooms have one telephone and two data outlets. There are computer data repeaters installed throughout the facility in corridors surface mounted on walls. At some of these locations there are surface mounted data and power outlets and there is an excess of wiring dangling from this equipment. This is a messy installation and is prone to damage based on their location.

There are telephone data closets throughout the facility. These rooms share CATV, telephone punchblocks and backboard and data racks. The rooms are filled to capacity.

Master Clock

Building Security System

The school is equipped with an access control and closed caption television (CCTV) security system. The system is web based with control panels in various locations. There are card readers at each entrance and security cameras located in corridors and at exterior exits. There is a video monitoring station in the school.


Most of upgrades suggested below in the 2009-2011 Master Plan are being addressed in the 2012-2013 addition/renovation.

All of the major HVAC equipment was replaced in 1992 and 1995, and have reached their 20 year lifespan.

The water‐cooled heat pumps, roof top A/C units and the cooling tower have a normal life expectancy of 15 to 20 years and are at the end of their normal life expectancy.

All of the heat pumps and RTU’s utilize R‐22 refrigerant which has been phased out. The use of this refrigerant will no longer be allowed by 2010 and will be difficult to obtain for maintenance purposes.

The make‐up air unit for the kitchen has electric heat which is very expensive to operate. The unit is 30 years old and has outlived its normal life expectancy. The unit should be replaced and either gas or hot water heat should be used to reduce operation cost.

The central temperature control and alarm panel should be modified to provide remote status and alarm capability at the main facility office.

The existing domestic water heater has surpassed its reasonable life expectancy of 10 to 15 years and should be replaced with a more energy efficient gas fired type unit. Tempering valves should be installed on all handicapped accessible lavatories and hand sinks to provide ‘tempered’ water per ADA requirements.

Recommend providing a wet type sprinkler system to the building to improve the level of ‘life safety’. The existing switchboard is functioning, however the manufacturer is no longer in business and replacement parts are not available. The switchboard also does not have space for future expansion. In the event of a complete renovation it is recommended that the switchboard and electrical service equipment be replaced.

The existing distribution system is functioning, however the original base building panel manufacturer is no longer in business and replacement parts are not available. Through the years, other manufacturer’s circuit breakers have been fitted into existing panels. The panel boards also do not have many spare circuit breakers. In the event of a complete renovation it is recommended that the power distribution equipment be replaced.

The building emergency generator is in working condition but is reaching the end of its useful life. The automatic transfer switch is also reaching the end of its useful life. The emergency panel is manufactured by Federal Pacific which is no longer in business, so replacement parts are not available. In the event of a complete renovation, it is recommended that a new properly sized generator and distribution equipment be installed for the entire building.

The existing lighting system is old and does not meet current code requirements and lighting guidelines. It is recommended to provide new energy efficient fixtures with T8 lamps and electronic ballasts. It is also recommended that exterior lighting be replaced to meet school security lighting requirements.


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